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What is the Nationwide Repair Warranty?


The Federated Nationwide Warranty is a 12-month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty on specific service and repair work performed by participating repair facilities. It covers consumers when they are more than 25 miles from the original repair facility and they experience a repair failure. The consumer pays nothing for the warranty – they receive it for free on repairs they have performed. It is not a Vehicle Service Contract or Extended Warranty program.


Who participates in the Federated Nationwide Warranty Program?


The Federated Nationwide Warranty Program is open to participating Federated customers.
Work performed by Provo Car Doctor is usually covered. For more information, Coverage, Limits & Exclusions, Please contact: Provo Car Doctors


What is covered with the Nationwide Repair Warranty?


Ignition Systems

Exhaust systems

Electronic engine management system &

on-board computer systems, (engine, body, brake and suspension)

Engine cooling systems

Other minor repairs

Air Conditioning, heating and climate control systems

Electrical system, including starting and charging systems

Engine performance, driveability service and repair

Brake systems

Fuel Systems

Cruise control systems

Steering/suspension system, wheel bearings, CV joints, U-joints, Half-shafts and driveshafts


Rental Car


How does the Program work?


When customers are within 25 miles of the original dealer they return to that dealer for warranty repairs. Repairs are covered by the original dealer.. When customers are more than 25 miles from the original dealer, they call the Federated Nationwide Warranty toll-free number and are routed to a participating location for warranty repair. ASE Certified Master Technicians verify the warranty repairs that are needed with the repairing facility, and authorize the repair. The Federated Nationwide Warranty program pays the warranty repairing facility their posted labor rate and standard book time for the repair. We pay for parts & labor. The customer has no expense in the process! The Federated Nationwide Warranty program sends letters to both the consumer (apologizing for any inconvenience & asking for their input) and the original repair facility (letting them know one of their customers had a warranty claim). Most repairs are covered (major engine, major transmission, clutches, and differential are excluded).





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