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Oil Changes in Provo, Utah

Proper Maintenance

Proper Maintenance of your vehicle begins with the manufacturer’s recommended oil change. Historically this has been every 3,000 miles or three months. With today’s improved engines and synthetic oils, many manufacturers now recommend service every 5,000 miles.

A Proper Oil Change for Your Vehicle

An oil change service should include more than just changing your oil. When you find yourself needing an oil change, the service should also include an oil filter change, air filter inspection and cleaning or change as required, lubrication as recommended by the manufacturer and most importantly, an inspection of all operating systems to detect early problems and fix them before they become an expensive breakdown.

Earn a Free Oil Change

The Provo Car Doctors is the home of the free oil change. We have multiple ways to help you save money and earn free oil changes. See our Oil Change Coupons and get started earning points!
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