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OCCASIONALLY a great entrepreneur comes along and his/her products change our lives forever… (think Bill Gates and the PC, Steve Jobs and Apple, Allan Ashton and Wordperfect, Henry Ford and the mass produced Model A), you get the idea. WELL, today’s topic will introduce a man-and his invention- who I think will/should go down in the history books as one of those guys whose product will change our lives…

Let me introduce Paul Elio and his new vehicle, the ELIO. A Michigan auto engineer who was fed up with America’s decline in manufacturing might, fed up with the ‘status quo’ of expensive cars getting poor mpg, and fed up with people accepting the idea to settle for less. Paul Elio decided to make a difference. You can read his whole story at www.ElioMotors.com.

And now to his car, here’s a quick review:

  • 84 mpg hwy, 54 mpg city
  • 3 cylinder 1.0 Liter fuel injected gas powered internal combustion engine
  • Seats two, front to back, with trunk storage
  • 3 wheel profile, two up front, one in the rear
  • Engine up front and front wheel drive
  • 5 speed manual or automatic
  • 670 mile range on full tank of gas (8 gallon tank)
  • Made in America
  • 5 star crash rated (the highest rating available for cars)
  • Three air bags
  • Top speed of 107 mph (zoom, zoom, zoom)
  • $6,800 msrp… WOW
  • 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty included
  • PLUS a unique way to finance it that makes it affordable for anyone!
  • 36,500 Elio’s have been pre-sold as of 5 November 2014

Elio Red

Elio Block

From the ElioMotors website we read: “Traditional personal transportation isn’t working like it used to. We need a new way of getting around. That’s when a car enthusiast, a visionary, an engineer, and a man with a dream named Paul Elio, got an idea. A simple, brilliant idea. To create a vehicle for today’s generation of drivers that addressed their transportation needs and the world’s new realities.”


I invite anyone looking for a unique commuter, an inexpensive mode of transportation for the 21st Century to take a look at the Elio. Here’s sending inventor Paul Elio major big kudo’s for his determination to make a difference, and offer all of us an option we didn’t have before he came along…


The Elio drives like a car, handles like a car, sounds like a car, and looks like a ??????  They’re due for sale in the summer of 2015. You can ‘reserve’ one now on their website.

Find out more at www.ElioMotors.com. Also check out video clips on YouTube.

 Until next time – “Drive safe and stay on the right side of the road!”

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